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Double Deck Stands – Reach for the Sky!

Our clients often ask us whether they should opt for a double deck exhibition stand. It really depends on goals, circumstances and, of course, budget.

If you are considering a double deck here are a few of our thoughts to help you decide if it will be right for you and your event.

A double deck will certainly give you more space on your stand.

It’s not always possible to increase your floor space in a prime position in the venue. The only alternative may be to take a larger floor space in a compromised position. So why not consider increasing your exhibition space by going upwards?

Double deck booths, it goes without saying, are bigger than your single-story variety! So, it really allows you to stake claim in a busy market space. The extra height provides greater scope for branding and recognition, your visibility will be extended and reach further across the venue. And as our designers tell us, they look awesome, so you and your brand will also…look awesome!

Going double deck allows for a defined separation in your exhibition space. Your ground floor level meets all your standard exhibiting needs; an inviting space for visitors, product display, demo areas etc. Whilst your second level can become a defined space with a change in pace, perfect for; meeting rooms, VIP hospitality, networking.

When it comes to design if you have a double deck it allows for increased creativity, with more space to make an impact. More space for branding, to display product and information,

Budget wise double deck stands do cost more, but…they are cost efficient. As with a traditional home build once the logistics, labour, install, foundations and services are in, the addition of a second floor comes at a more economic rate.

What if a double deck isn’t right for you?

Despite the benefits of a double deck, it might not be right for your event. Space could be limited at the exhibition venue, budget may not allow it, or you simply may not have enough time to build a double deck at the show.

And remember the stairs! Will the infrastructure of your double deck, such as stairs and steelwork, on the lower floor negate any space gained upstairs?

Our bespoke approach means that we can make your budget and timescales work for you, here are some single-story options to consider;

A rigged banner could provide you with significant height without the cost of another deck. And would still provide the extended visibility reach across the venue.

Consider upgrading the specification or technology aspect of a single storey stand; have laminate or sprayed finishes throughout, use high end furniture, install high resolution LED, think about using video walls, have an interactive element or use VR activity, maximise social media integration during the event.

Meeting space can be provided within your single-story space. With clever design you can still achieve a defined change in pace perfect for client meetings.

Contact us to find out how our bespoke design and build can make sure you stand out at any exhibition or event.