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Small Exhibition Space – Maximum Impact

At your next event constrained budgets, tight deadlines and missed slots might mean a small space is the only option  The big names, the ‘industry leaders’, might have secured the most central and dominant spaces.  But with intelligent design, and a dash of creative flare, a small space needn’t leave your business in the shadows.

Our clients approach us with different sizes, different shapes and different budgets – we are experts in handling every challenge. If you find yourself faced with a small exhibition space and a shoestring budget, here are three tips for delivering something special:

1. Imagination

The easiest way to stand out among the biggest players in the exhibition hall is to think outside of the box, do something different and design a space to get you noticed. The most successful exhibits are those which exude personality, and the best brands will find a way to show this off in the most creative way they can. Use your imagination, dare to be different, and utilise every inch of your space.

2. Authenticity

Your customers are smart – they can see through large marketing budgets, fancy giveaways, and pricey visuals. To ensure that your stand draws in the right audience, be honest, be yourself, and go beyond what is expected. Therefore, whether you’re up with the big guys or not, your personality, your brand values, they all matter. Even the largest budget is unable to guarantee sales; ultimately – that is down to effort.

3. Charisma

Your staff, your brand, your company ethos; it’s what captures the imagination of your visitor. It’s what pulls in your audience and what, ultimately, will sell your product. Grand spaces may consume a visitor’s eye, they may visually attract the most attention and shout a little louder. But overall, the individuality and the charisma of your stand is what will allow your own space to shine.

Above all there is no limit to possibility; whether your space consumes the prized spot or whether your shell scheme is tucked away from the thoroughfare.  We can work with your team to develop a space truly unique to you; whatever you’re given, or whatever your budget allows,

To find out how you can maximise your small exhibition space contact us.