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Virtual Reality – Bring your Exhibition to Life

Marketers are always looking for opportunities to enhance audience experiences.  Apart from your beautiful stand design (we can help out with this…call us!) Have you thought about Virtual Reality? It can attract visitors to your space, keep them engaged, and more focused on your product or services.

Virtual Reality (VR), and other simulated environment experiences, can add another element to your exhibition and event.  Allowing visitors to physically engage with you and your service or product.  It also adds an element of fun and something to talk about.  There’s always a queue at the stand with the VR experiences on offer!

When considering Virtual Reality, the first thing our clients question is cost “isn’t it expensive?” well yes it can be, but doesn’t have to be. Entry level VR experiences for events really don’t have to break the bank.  Gaming or challenge VR experiences can be provided via our off the shelf solutions on a hire basis and can be a great way to engage and entertain your audiences.  Plus, with mirroring software, we can also provide a viewing experience for a wider audience.  So, you can increase the reach of your VR.

If budget permits VR can be a great way to create far more in depth experiences and group interaction via bespoke content.  Whether this be brand engagement, product delivery, or even training. And it doesn’t have to be single use. By working together on the brief, and considering future marketing activity, content can be tailored to work over an extended period, and way beyond just events. It can be used for internal communication and awareness, sales pitches, 3rd party marketing and promotion…the list goes on!

What else is there to consider?

The world of event tech goes past the idea of just wearing a headset.  Why not consider augmented technology and bring the virtual world into the real world. What better way to show off your stand design and your capabilities?

Perhaps you can’t bring your largest product to a small event? Then simply augment it there! Or maybe you need to have multiple participants gathered around the same content.  With augmented technology you can bring people together.   They can then interact whilst understanding the value as a group.

Or maybe you want to go even further…how about near-field recognition, object recognition, crowd interaction, projection mapping or even visitor tracking (a great way to understand design effectiveness) .  Whilst at the same time collecting valuable data and delivering real time info to your visitors’ inbox…honestly, it’s all possible

Whether it’s just for a simple, fun ‘reason to visit’ at an event or for assessing that ever-elusive ROI, there is an event technology for it.

But is it worth it?

Well, it is if you put together a brief, understand what your needs are and evaluate your reasons for employing a particular method of delivery. If you can really harness the potential for it then yes, it’s totally worth it.  You will leave your visitors with lasting experiences, better brand awareness, and a talking point.  As an exhibitor it provides increased visitor interaction and engagement, valuable data, and proof of ROI.  As well as providing increased opportunity to boost your audience through social and digital channels. A true strategy for event technology/marketing can offer real scope in terms of amplification.

Contact us to find out how we can help bring your exhibition to life.