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A 600–square metre experience-led haven

When the world’s leading gaming show hit the big city, BetConstruct wanted to have the most impressive space in the room. Rather than wholly focusing on their winning technology, they wanted show attendees to have a real experience when they came to visit.

We produced a 600–square metre space, based around a tribal village theme, that would make guests feel like they were in a Las Vegas casino.

With such a large build, it was important to ensure that each element was perfect, so we left no stone unturned. For the discussion areas, we created custom wavy benches from contour ply, as well as curved ones with patterned upholstery, complete with LED-flickering firepits. Several huts were available for more in-depth conversations, and we gave these printed grass roofs, so they’d have the right look and feel without compromising on safety.

At the centre of the space, there was a full bar, sitting under an enormous rotating LED screen. There was also plenty of opportunity to explore BetConstruct’s offering, with carefully designed demo counters and strategically placed screens scattered organically throughout the space. Specially designed columns were created for Hoory, BetConstruct’s AI product, where attendees could order a drink and have it delivered to them.

Despite its theme-park like wonder, the space was carefully produced to ensure maximum coverage. Potential customers were drawn to the bar area, where they’d be able to get a feel for BetConstruct’s latest innovations, before heading to a discussion area or hut.

The space was a complete showstopper, visited by hundreds of attendees. Following the success of this project, we’ve worked with BetConstruct to promote several of their brands at other shows.

Let’s get to work.

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